Pre Conference Workshops - March 27, 2012

Morning Workshops:

Workshops are concurrent. Please choose "A", "B"

Workshop A:
The Green Data Center and ROI

When discussing “Greening” a data center many executives simply see the project as extra money spent and don’t see the economic advantages energy efficiency can offer. This interactive workshop presentation will walk you through the many trends and innovations in data center design, equipment and site selection that that will save you money in the long run and prove measureable ROI. Questions answered will include:
  • What are the financial benefits of greening the data center?
  • Do companies have the time & resources necessary to promote a green agenda?
  • What economic forces drive the green decision?
  • What are the industry standards for green data centers?
  • Where have we seen the most progress?
  • Mike Bailey
    Workshop B:
    Green Storage Products: Efficiency with SNIA Emerald Program & Beyond

    This workshop will cover storage-specific topics related to energy-efficiency and outline the current state of the industry. We will discuss the components of modern storage systems that impact energy consumption and a range of technologies that are currently considered “green storage”. We will discuss the SNIA Emerald program and its corresponding storage power efficiency measurement specification. This discussion will cover the metrics used for measuring, maintaining and designing for power in storage systems. We will also outline ongoing efforts by other organizations to standardize metrics for measuring storage systems. Learning Objectives
  • Understand the storage-specific aspects of 'green' (especially energy and power) for storage components and aggregated products (e.g. arrays, controllers, appliances)
  • Outline considerations in how to measure and model storage energy and power; identify technologies that might reduce the ongoing energy costs of reliably maintaining data
  • Overview SNIA Emerald storage power efficiency metrics and measurement specification
  • Review other ongoing efforts to establish metrics and standards for more energy efficient storage
  • Patrick Stanko
    Senior Hardware Engineer

    Afternoon Workshops:

    Workshops are concurrent. Please choose "C", "D"

    Workshop C:
    Developing and Executing a Comprehensive Data Center Efficiency Strategy

    The Green Data Center discussion is often times focused around the technical. Cooling, Power, Ventilation and Virtualization are all important aspects to address, but much of the time little gets done to truly affect either the environment, or the bottom line. Creating an efficiency blue print and communicating throughout the IT landscape can prove challenging, this three hour interactive workshop will discuss a unified process of building and rolling out an IT efficiency program that starts in the data center. Topics addressed will include:
  • Defining IT efficiency goals both inside and outside the data center
  • Outlining data center upgrades and necessary renovations for optimal efficiency
  • Estimating cost savings and ROI
  • Communicating the strategy to upper management and financial committees
  • Session Speaker TBA
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    Workshop D:
    Maximize Cooling Efficiency in the Data Center

    When considering cooling systems the decision factors become overwhelming. The direct relationship between your cooling system and cost savings are overwhelming, and data center builders and managers must make the right cooling choice. This session looks at multiple use case examples, analyzing which methods are most efficient in each scenario. Among topics addressed in this interactive workshop, an emphasis will be given too the following topics:
  • Optimizing raised floor design
  • Retrofitting legacy facilities for peak performance
  • Measuring the cost saving and environmental impact
  • Cost analysis of cooling optimization
  • Dennis Kniery
    Manager, Energy Programs AT&T
    DFW Consulting Group, Inc
    Julian Rachman
    DFW Consulting Group, Inc